Outdoor 8X40 Lightweight Powerful Binocular HD Telescope Military J0C0

Outdoor 8X40 Lightweight Powerful Binocular HD Telescope Military J0C0

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This Binocular with 8X40 full magnification, brings the world closer and provides high-definition images with extremely accurate color reproduction. It is also a great gift for children, family and friends.




With 8X40 full magnification, you can be closer to beautiful scenery from the distance. 


Image is more clear and sharp, without color difference even in week light environment.


HD binoculars allow you to focus the distant moving object and scenery clearly.


The eco-friendly rubber around the binocular provides shockproof protection. 


Soft and comfortable to hold, avoiding sliding down from your hands.


Adjustable nylon neck strap for carrying it anywhere you go.


Perfect for sports, wildlife or travel. Adjustable width for different size faces.



Model: 8×40


Material: rubber / plastic


Eyepiece diameter: 22mm


Objective lens diameter: 40mm


Item size: 18 * 14 * 5.5 c m / 7.09 * 5.51 * 2.17in


Package size: 19 * 16.5 * 8 c m / 7.48 * 6.50 * 3.15in


Item weight: 562g / 1.24lb


Package weight: 690g / 1.52lb


How to use:


1. Pupil Distance & Diopter Adjustment:


Adjust the distance of eyepiece to match your pupil distance, and adjust the eyesight of your eyes.


2. Rotate the focus ring until you get the clear image in the left eyepiece.


3. Rotate the right eyepiece to get the clear image.


4. Check if both eyes can see clear. When you observe different targets, please adjust the focus ring to get the clear image.




1. Keep the binoculars in a ventilated, dry, cool place.


2. If there are dirty or spots on the lenses, you should use special cleaning cloth to wipe them to avoid scratching your lenses.


3. Binoculars belong to precision instrument. If you are not specialist, don't try to take apart the binoculars by yourself.


Package List: Y7853


1 * Binocular


1 * Carrying Bag


1 * Neck Strap


1 * Cleaning Cloth

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Location: Middlesex, UK

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Outdoor 8X40 Lightweight Powerful Binocular HD Telescope Military J0C0

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