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CARL ZEISSoptical instruments need no introduction at all. In today`s vintage andcollectors market the West German (oberkochen) CARL ZEISS products have a verystrong following due their high quality optics and superb build quality makingthem still very usable and collectable and comparing well with the latest highquality optics costing well into four figures (`s). The CARL ZEISS 8 x 50B was undoubtedly one ofthe best binoculars available it in it`s day the 1960`s, Favoured by hunters,naturalists and bird watchers, it excelled with very sharp optics, precise handlingand great light gathering powers making it a great instrument to use at dawnand dusk. Now very collectable but still very usable, the 8 x 50B featuresuser friendly rubber fold down eyecups for spectacle wearers and twoalternative positions for the neck strap.This examplehas been well loved by a previous owner and under my ownership has justundergone a full service at U.K. optics specialist `OPTREP`, and as you wouldexpect, it is in fine optical and mechanical condition – including brand newrubber eyecups. The binocular comes with its original case, neck strap,rainguard and a new microfiber lens cloth. There are no objective lens caps or casestrap.Defectsare few: the r.h. objective lens has a very small scratch; externally there area few marks and, to be expected, some paint loss from the prism covers and theobjective trim rings, one prism cover has a small dent as does one objectivetrim ring; finally, the original case has some age related scuffs and marks andthe original owners name is written under the lid and his initials grandlymonogrammed on the top of the lid!i takegreat care examining, using and describing the binoculars i sell, and alwaysget a second opinion. however, i am not a professional and my description isbased on my experience and honest assessment; most examples i sell are at least35 years old and there may be other defects…….also, please remember,everyone`s eyes are different…..SPECIFICATION: CARLZEISS 8 x 50B porroprism binocular; made in West germany.; rubber fold downeyecups for spectacle wearers; serial number 513258; field of view 7.4 degreesapprox.; weight 1070 grams & including case & all accessories 1604grams.These binoculars willbe thoroughly double wrapped & packed for the purchaser and will be sentusing a tracked service within the U.K. Carriage prices quoted are to mainlandU.K. please contact me for a quote if you non-mainland.I will also send toEurope please contact me for an accurate quote; and also to U.S.A., Canada,South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The prices quoted are for                                              basicinternational courier services please E mail me for a quote if you need adifferent service.                                                                       Collection is welcome.  Paypal muchpreferred.A rare CARL ZEISS 8 x50B.for the collector.or user? In my opinion, in it`s `just serviced`condition it begs to be used, but that`s up to the you! I will provide a copyof OPTREP`s invoice for the recent service for the buyer. MINT condition 8 x 50B`s can sell for over500but may still require work, this well used but just serviced example couldbe a very shrewd buy indeed. I feel I have judged the BUY IT NOW about right butmake me a very VERY  close offer if youprefer.Any questions justask I always respond. Ihave other good retro binoculars listed take a look – I always combine tomake shipping costs as sensible as possible.                                                                                                                                                     Thank you     

Category: Cameras and Photography:Telescopes and Binoculars:Binoculars and Monoculars
Location: Woodbridge

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