USSR Military Zomz/Tento 7×35 Binoculars Bak4 M.c Nice lined Case,Filters Caps

USSR Military Zomz/Tento 7x35 Binoculars Bak4 M.c Nice  lined Case,Filters Caps

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Superb Russian Military Zomz /Tento 7×35 multi-coated binoculars .Bak4 prisms.Made by the respected Russian Optical supplier to the Russian Military ,Zomz. Zomz eyeball logo shown on case. Complete set includes excellent originalVelour lined Black Leather case, Excellent binocular strap .Fold up/down rubber eyecups (for spectacle users) in superb condition, (Please examine the Actual Pictures) 2 Amber press on filters (Used For harsh light conditions), 4 lens capsThese Powerful x7 Russian binoculars are in excellent Cosmetic Optical and Mechanical condition (Please examine the photographs of these actual binoculars) There are No Scratches Dings or Dents! No corrosion of the paint , very common to these. .Very clean both internally (No Fungus Haze Dust Chips or Problems) and Externally. Lenses and multi coatings are unscratched (Please ignore reflections in lens pictures) . Focus and Right eye adjustment operate very smoothly and correctly. Centre Hinge is stiff as is normal with Russian 7×35..The Quality Velour linedBlack Leather Case is in very nice condition, .Excellent Leather Strap ,Hinges and Catch,(please examine the actual photographs) .Russian binoculars are Tough! and made to last. The 35 multi coated lenses give Very Bright,Very Sharp , Wide angle Views . Correctly collimated, No Double Vision, headaches or eyestrain. Useable for hours . Ideal for Sports /Plane /Ship watching,or bird watching .Super Sharp views,without the chromatic aberations (colour fringing) that plague most binoculars. Any buyer unhappy with the views will be refunded!Posted (Well Wrapped) in One Working Day.Any Questions please Ask(Please see my feedback and Other nice Binoculars)

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Location: Cleveland

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Items 1 to 15 of 45159

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