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PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION ESPECIALLY REGARDING INTERNATIONAL POSTAGEHi. You are bidding on a pair of Carl Zeiss Jena Dekaris 10×50 binocular’s and case.Serial No.1415853. The number is worn and I think this is correct but not 100% sure?These binoculars have been fully serviced and cleaned recently. (INVOICE PRESENT)During the service and cleaning there was some staining on the coated lenses which could not be removed without stripping the coating off.I am sure anyone with knowledge of binocular’s know the issue of removing coating’s.The stains do not affect the viewing by any means and I am only mentioning them just to clarify the condition in detail.There is quite a bit of wear on the lettering and can be seen in the pictures.The case has signs of wear and tear.Please note that the binocular’s in there case is over the 2kg limit for International postage but I can post the binocular’s without the case under the 2kg limit.If International bidder’s want the case as well then the item has to be sent by courier at an added cost.Please make sure you ask and understand about the postage for International and priced with case and without case below.Uk postage excluding Higlands / Islands will be 15 by courier and International costs without the case will be Europe – 22  USA – 29  and the rest 35With the case UK 15  Europe 28  Usa – 53  and the Rest – 78Please see my other binocular’s for sale as I can possibly discount postage on multiple items purchased.Postal days are usually mid-week.Please email with any questions

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Location: Girvan

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Items 1 to 15 of 8212

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